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verb (used with object), pre·pared, pre·par·ing.
  1. to put in proper condition or readiness: to prepare a patient for surgery.
  2. to get (a meal) ready for eating, as by proper assembling, cooking, etc.
  3. to manufacture, compound, or compose: to prepare a cough syrup.
  4. Music. to lead up to (a discord, an embellishment, etc.) by some preliminary tone or tones.
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verb (used without object), pre·pared, pre·par·ing.
  1. to put things or oneself in readiness; get ready: to prepare for war.
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Origin of prepare

1520–30; < Latin praeparāre to make ready beforehand, equivalent to prae- pre- + parāre to set, get ready (akin to parent)
Related formspre·par·er, nounre·pre·pare, verb (used with object), re·pre·pared, re·pre·par·ing.un·pre·par·ing, adjective


1. provide, arrange, order. Prepare, contrive, devise imply planning for and making ready for something expected or thought possible. To prepare is to make ready beforehand for some approaching event, need, and the like: to prepare a room, a speech. Contrive and devise emphasize the exercise of ingenuity and inventiveness. The first word suggests a shrewdness that borders on trickery, but this is absent from devise : to contrive a means of escape; to devise a time-saving method. 3. make.


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Examples from the Web for preparer

Historical Examples

  • We may well attribute more foresight to the preparer of dried Frogs and allow him to hang his animal a few inches off the ground.

    The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles

    Jean Henri Fabre

  • La maniere de se bien preparer à la mort, par M. de Chertablon.

    The Dance of Death

    Francis Douce

  • He had pricked before, now he stung; the singer of liberty had developed into a herald and preparer of the approaching revolution.

  • The turtle soup, flavored with aromatic herbs, often gained well-merited praises for its preparer, Neb.

  • The preparer takes full responsibility for his choice of arrangement.

British Dictionary definitions for preparer


  1. to make ready or suitable in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etcto prepare a meal; to prepare to go
  2. to put together using parts or ingredients; compose or construct
  3. (tr) to equip or outfit, as for an expedition
  4. (tr) music to soften the impact of (a dissonant note) by the use of preparation
  5. be prepared (foll by an infinitive) to be willing and able (to do something)I'm not prepared to reveal these figures
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Derived Formspreparer, noun

Word Origin

C15: from Latin praeparāre, from prae before + parāre to make ready
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Word Origin and History for preparer



mid-15c., a back formation from preparation and in part from Middle French preparer (14c.), from Latin praeparare "make ready beforehand" (see preparation). Related: Prepared; preparing. Be prepared as the Boy Scouts' motto is attested from 1911.

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