[ prev-uh-luhnt ]
/ ˈprɛv ə lənt /


widespread; of wide extent or occurrence; in general use or acceptance.
having the superiority or ascendancy.
Archaic. effectual or efficacious.



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Origin of prevalent

1570–80; <Latin praevalent- (stem of praevalēns), present participle of praevalēre to prevail. See pre-, -valent

synonym study for prevalent

1. See current.

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What does prevalent mean?

Prevalent means widespread, in general use, or widely accepted.

The noun form of prevalent is prevalence.

Example: Social media use is so prevalent among teens that it’s often linked to the rise in mental health issues like anxiety.

Where does prevalent come from?

The first records of the word prevalent come from around the 1500s. It ultimately derives from the Latin praevalēre, meaning “to have superior strength” or “to prevail.” (The word prevail is also based on this word.)

Prevalent is often used in discussions of how widespread things are, such as in society or within a particular culture. If a belief is described as prevalent, it means it’s widely accepted in general or among a certain group of people. A disease may be described as prevalent in certain areas or in certain groups of people. Certain types of animals are prevalent in certain regions and rare in others. Memes are prevalent on social media. If something is becoming more prevalent, it’s becoming more widespread.

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How is prevalent used in real life?

Fittingly, prevalent is a common word. It’s often used in discussions about widespread cultural phenomena.

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Which of the following words is LEAST likely to be used to describe something that’s prevalent?

A. widespread
B. common
C. rare
D. ubiquitous

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British Dictionary definitions for prevalent

/ (ˈprɛvələnt) /


widespread or current
superior in force or power; predominant

Derived forms of prevalent

prevalence or prevalentness, nounprevalently, adverb

Word Origin for prevalent

C16 (in the sense: powerful): from Latin praevalens very strong, from praevalēre: see prevail
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