[ pris-yahd-kuh ]
/ prɪsˈyɑd kə /
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a step in Slavic folk dancing in which the dancer squats on the haunches and kicks out each foot alternately; the characteristic step of the kazachok.



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Origin of prisiadka

1935–40; <Russian prisyádka, equivalent to prisyad-, variant stem of priséstʾ to squat (pri- v. prefix, here marking action done incompletely or temporarily + sestʾ to sit down, akin to sit1) + -ka noun suffix; or <Ukrainian prýsyadka, formed in a parallel manner from prysísty to squat
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Example sentences from the Web for prisiadka

  • The count took the landlord by the throat, and ordered him to dance the prisiadka.

    A Russian Proprietor|Lyof N. Tolstoi
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