[ priv-ee ]
/ ˈprɪv i /
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adjective, priv·i·er, priv·i·est.
noun, plural priv·ies.
Law. a person participating directly in or having a derivative interest in a legal transaction.
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Origin of privy

1175–1225; Middle English prive<Old French: private (adj.), close friend, private place (noun) <Latin prīvātusprivate
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How to use privy in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for privy

/ (ˈprɪvɪ) /

adjective privier or priviest
(postpositive foll by to) participating in the knowledge of something secret
archaic secret, hidden, etc
archaic of or relating to one person only
noun plural privies
a lavatory, esp an outside one
law a person in privity with anotherSee privity (def. 1)

Word Origin for privy

C13: from Old French privé something private, from Latin prīvātus private
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