[af-ri-kuh n]
  1. a native or inhabitant of Africa.
  2. (loosely) a black or other person of African ancestry.

Origin of African

< Latin Āfricānus, equivalent to Āfric(us) Afric + -ānus -an; compare Middle English Aufrican, Old English Africanas (nominative plural)
Related formsAf·ri·can·ness, nounin·ter-Af·ri·can, adjectivenon-Af·ri·can, adjective, nounpro·Af·ri·can, adjective, nounpseu·do-Af·ri·can, adjective, nountrans-Af·ri·can, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for pro-african


  1. denoting or relating to Africa or any of its peoples, languages, nations, etc
  1. a native, inhabitant, or citizen of any of the countries of Africa
  2. a member or descendant of any of the peoples of Africa, esp a Black person
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Word Origin and History for pro-african



Old English Africanas (plural), from Latin Africanus (adj.), from Africa (see Africa). Used of white residents of Africa from 1815; of black residents of the U.S. from 1790. As an adjective, by 1560s.

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