[ proh-glot-is ]
/ proʊˈglɒt ɪs /

noun, plural pro·glot·ti·des [proh-glot-i-deez] /proʊˈglɒt ɪˌdiz/. Zoology.

one of the segments or joints of a tapeworm, containing complete reproductive systems, usually both male and female.

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Also pro·glot·tid [proh-glot-id] /proʊˈglɒt ɪd/.

Origin of proglottis

1850–55; < New Latin, for Greek proglōssís point of the tongue. See pro-2, glottis

Related formspro·glot·tic, pro·glot·tid·e·an, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for proglottid

  • In the Hunterian collection there is a proglottid showing twenty-two sexual orifices.

    Parasites|T. Spencer Cobbold

British Dictionary definitions for proglottid



/ (prəʊˈɡlɒtɪs) /

noun plural -glottides (-ˈɡlɒtɪˌdiːz)

any of the segments that make up the body of a tapeworm. Each contains reproductive organs and separates from the worm when filled with fertilized eggs
Derived Formsproglottic or proglottidean, adjective

Word Origin for proglottis

C19: from Greek proglōssis, proglōttis point of the tongue, from pro- ² + glōssa, glōtta (so called because of its shape)

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Medicine definitions for proglottid


[ prō-glŏtĭd ]

n. pl. pro•glot•tids

One of the segments of a tapeworm, containing both male and female reproductive organs.proglottis

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