/ (prəʊˈsɜːpɪnə) /

  1. the Roman goddess of the underworld: Greek counterpart: Persephone

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How to use Proserpina in a sentence

  • Neptune also loved the goddess Ceres, and followed her during the long time that she spent in search of her daughter Proserpina.

  • She sat for a long time on a stone by the roadside, mourning her lost Proserpina, until a little girl came by, driving some goats.

  • The patient old earth smiled again on Proserpina's return, for then her mother gave the blighted vegetation a redoubled care.

  • Hecate, the goddess of the lower world, sometimes identified with Proserpina, and sometimes with Diana.

  • Moreover, as we have already seen, even Chaucer called the fairy-king Pluto and the queen Proserpina.