/ (ˌsaɪkɪˈætrɪk) /

  1. of or relating to mental illness or psychiatry

Derived forms of psychiatric

  • psychiatrically, adverb

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How to use psychiatric in a sentence

  • "I shall take this matter before the psychiatric Society," Pillbot was saying excitedly.

    The 4-D Doodler | Graph Waldeyer
  • To a self-respecting producer, a psychiatric production would seem craziness.

    Operation: Outer Space | William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • More than one marriage has been wrecked because of the psychiatric effect upon the girl of such practices during her engagement.

  • Second of all, he is my patient because he came to my office obviously seeking psychiatric help but too sick to ask for it.

  • There was a time in the history of psychiatry when malingering was a frequent subject of discussion in psychiatric literature.