purple martin

  1. a large American swallow, Progne subis, the male of which is blue-black.

Origin of purple martin

An Americanism dating back to 1735–45

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How to use purple martin in a sentence

  • The nesting site of the purple martin has likewise been changed in a most radical fashion.

    The Bird Study Book | Thomas Gilbert Pearson
  • Not even the little house wren has adapted itself so quickly to civilised men's homes, as the swift and purple martin.

  • The purple martin belongs to this family; it is common in the South but rare in the Northern States.

    Endurance Test | Alan Douglas
  • Among swallows, the beautiful and graceful purple martin is most worthy of protection.

    Checking the Waste | Mary Huston Gregory
  • The bank swallow also lays white eggs, as does the chimney swallow, the white-bellied swallow, and the purple martin.

    Riverby | John Burroughs