[ pyoo-suh-lan-uh-muhs ]
/ ˌpyu səˈlæn ə məs /


lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.
proceeding from or indicating a cowardly spirit.

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Origin of pusillanimous

1580–90; < Late Latin pusillanimis petty-spirited, equivalent to Latin pusill(us) very small, petty + -anim(is) -spirited, -minded (anim(us) spirit + -is adj. suffix); see -ous

SYNONYMS FOR pusillanimous
Related formspu·sil·lan·i·mous·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for pusillanimously


/ (ˌpjuːsɪˈlænɪməs) /


characterized by a lack of courage or determination
Derived Formspusillanimity (ˌpjuːsɪləˈnɪmɪtɪ), nounpusillanimously, adverb

Word Origin for pusillanimous

C16: from Late Latin pusillanimis from Latin pusillus weak + animus courage

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Word Origin and History for pusillanimously



early 15c., from Late Latin pusillanimis "having little courage" (used in Church Latin to translate Greek oligopsychos "small-souled"), from Latin pusillis "very weak, little" (diminutive of pullus "young animal;" see foal (n.)) + animus "spirit, courage" (see animus). Related: Pusillanimously; pusillanimousness.

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