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  1. Ecclesiastical.
    1. the box or vessel in which the reserved Eucharist or Host is kept.
    2. a watch-shaped container for carrying the Eucharist to the sick.
  2. Also called pyx chest. a box or chest at a mint, in which specimen coins are deposited and reserved for trial by weight and assay.

Origin of pyx

1350–1400; Middle English pyxe < Latin pyxis < Greek pyxís a box, orig. made of boxwood Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  • The most diligent search was made for beads and pyxes, censers and crucifixes; not a fragment of either could be discovered.

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less commonly pix

  1. Also called: pyx chest the chest in which coins from the British mint are placed to be tested for weight, etc
  2. Christianity any receptacle in which the Eucharistic Host is kept

Word Origin for pyx

C14: from Latin pyxis small box, from Greek, from puxos box tree
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Word Origin and History for pyxes



c.1400, "a box," especially the vessel in which the host or consecrated bread is preserved, from Latin pyxis, from Greek pyxis "box-wood; a box," from pyxos "box-wood; box-tree," of uncertain origin.

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