1. queen's bishop.

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  1. quarterback.

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  1. Queen's Bench.

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How to use QB in a sentence

  • Meanwhile we eat the apples from yesterday's dessert, and the remains of the q-b's Infant-Jesus-and-dove cake.

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence
  • So the q-b and I creep slowly along the sunny bits, and then perforce are swallowed by shadow.

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence
  • It had all been so dramatic that in spite of ourselves we laughed, even while the q-b shed a few tears.

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence
  • The q-b goes to thank the black-cap for the white bread, whilst I settle the bill and ask for food for the journey.

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence
  • Just as the q-b was working up to the rage I had at last calmed down from, appeared the shawl-swathed girl announcing "Pronto!"

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence

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abbreviation for
  1. Queen's Bench

symbol for
  1. chess queen's bishop

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