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noun,plural quiz·zes.
  1. an informal test or examination of a student or class.

  2. a questioning.

  1. a practical joke; a hoax.

  2. Chiefly British. an eccentric, often odd-looking person.

verb (used with object),quizzed, quiz·zing.
  1. to examine or test (a student or class) informally by questions.

  2. to question closely: The police quizzed several suspects.

  1. Chiefly British. to make fun of; ridicule; mock; chaff.

Origin of quiz

1775–85 in sense “odd person”; 1840–50 for def. 1; origin uncertain

Other words from quiz

  • quiz·za·ble, adjective
  • quizzer, noun
  • un·quiz·za·ble, adjective
  • un·quizzed, adjective

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How to use quiz in a sentence

  • Fid was the chief quizzer; but he had got several others to join him in making a butt of Gregory.

    True Blue | W.H.G. Kingston
  • My quizzer has returned, peeped over my shoulder, and asked this question.

    The Funny Side of Physic | A. D. Crabtre
  • She looked at the pocket quizzer Quillan was checking over unhurriedly.

    Legacy | James H Schmitz

British Dictionary definitions for quiz


/ (kwɪz) /

nounplural quizzes
    • an entertainment in which the general or specific knowledge of the players is tested by a series of questions, esp as a radio or television programme

    • (as modifier): a quiz programme

  1. any set of quick questions designed to test knowledge

  1. an investigation by close questioning; interrogation

  2. obsolete a practical joke; hoax

  3. obsolete a puzzling or eccentric individual

  4. obsolete a person who habitually looks quizzically at others, esp through a small monocle

verbquizzes, quizzing or quizzed (tr)
  1. to investigate by close questioning; interrogate

  2. US and Canadian informal to test or examine the knowledge of (a student or class)

  1. (tr) obsolete to look quizzically at, esp through a small monocle

Origin of quiz

C18: of unknown origin

Derived forms of quiz

  • quizzer, noun

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