[ koin, kwoin ]
/ kɔɪn, kwɔɪn /


verb (used with object)

to provide with quoins, as a corner of a wall.
to secure or raise with a quoin or wedge.


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Also coign, coigne.

Origin of quoin

First recorded in 1525–35; variant of coin

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coign or coigne

/ (kwɔɪn, kɔɪn) /


an external corner of a wall
Also called: cornerstone a stone forming the external corner of a wall
another name for keystone (def. 1)
printing a metal or wooden wedge or an expanding mechanical device used to lock type up in a chase
a wedge used for any of various other purposes, such as (formerly) to adjust elevation in muzzle-loading cannon

Word Origin for quoin

C16: variant of coin (corner)

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Word Origin and History for quoins



1530s, "a cornerstone," variant spelling of coin (n.); in early use also in other senses of that word, including "a wedge."

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