[ rey-fee ]
/ ˈreɪ fi /

noun, plural ra·phae [rey-fee] /ˈreɪ fi/.

Anatomy. a seamlike union between two parts or halves of an organ or the like.
  1. (in certain ovules) a ridge connecting the hilum with the chalaza.
  2. a median line or slot on a cell wall of a diatom.

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Origin of raphe

1745–55; < New Latin < Greek rhaphḗ seam, suture, akin to rháptein to sew, stitch together

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British Dictionary definitions for raphae


/ (ˈreɪfɪ) /

noun plural -phae (-fiː)

an elongated ridge of conducting tissue along the side of certain seeds
a longitudinal groove on the valve of a diatom
anatomy a connecting ridge, such as that between the two halves of the medulla oblongata

Word Origin for raphe

C18: via New Latin from Greek rhaphē a seam, from rhaptein to sew together

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Word Origin and History for raphae



"seam, suture" (medical), 1753, medical Latin, from Greek rhaphe "seam, suture (of a skull)," from rhaptein "to sew together, stitch" (see wrap).

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Medicine definitions for raphae


n. pl. ra•phae (-fē′)

A seamlike line or ridge between two similar parts of a body organ, as in the scrotum.

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Science definitions for raphae


[ rāfē′ ]

Plural raphae (fē′)

A seamlike line or ridge between two similar parts of a body organ, as in the scrotum.
The portion of the funiculus that is united to the ovule wall, commonly visible as a line or ridge on the seed coat.
A groove in the frustule of some diatoms.
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