noun, plural Ras·kol·niks, Ras·kol·ni·ki [ruh-skawl-ni-kee] /rəˈskɔl nɪˌki/.

a member of any of several sects founded by dissenters from the Russian Orthodox Church who opposed the liturgical reforms of Nikon in the 17th century.

Origin of Raskolnik

< Russian raskólʾnik schismatic, equivalent to raskól split, schism (noun derivative of raskolótʾ to split; ras- v. prefix marking dissolution, fracture + kolotʾ to chop) + -nik agent suffix
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Historical Examples of raskolniki

  • Also, if you will allow me, your Highness, I will go and have a talk with the Raskolniki.

    Dead Souls

    Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

  • The famous Raskolniki Schismatics had a similar superstition about the beard.

  • The famous Raskolniki schismatics had a similar superstition to the Mahometan one mentioned above.

    Ten Thousand Wonderful Things

    Edmund Fillingham King

Word Origin and History for raskolniki


"dissenter from the Russian Church, an Old Believer," 1723, from Russian Raskolnik "separatist," from raskol "schism, separation." The schism was a result of reforms by Patriarch Nikon in 1667.

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