adjective, raw·er, raw·est.


a sore or irritated place, as on the flesh.
unrefined sugar, oil, etc.


    in the raw,
    1. in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.
    2. Informal.in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw.

Origin of raw

before 1000; Middle English; Old English hrēaw, hrǣw; cognate with Dutch rauw, German roh; akin to Latin crūdus raw (see crude), cruor blood, Greek kréas raw flesh
Related formsraw·ish, adjectiveraw·ish·ness, nounraw·ly, adverbraw·ness, nounhalf-raw, adjectivesem·i·raw, adjectivesem·i·raw·ly, adverbsem·i·raw·ness, noun

Synonyms for raw

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2. Raw, crude, rude refer to something not in a finished or highly refined state. Raw applies particularly to material not yet changed by a process, by manufacture, or by preparation for consumption: raw cotton; raw leather. Crude refers to that which still needs refining: crude petroleum. Rude refers to what is still in a condition of rough simplicity or in a makeshift or roughly made form: rude agricultural implements; the rude bridge that arched the flood.

Antonyms for raw

1. cooked.
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Historical Examples of rawer

  • But he had forgotten in his vanity that which in his rawer shrewdness he should have remembered.

    The Younger Set

    Robert W. Chambers

  • He looked bigger and rawer than ever in white flannel, and he didn't seem in the least worried about his bet.


    Charles Emmett Van Loan

  • He was propped in a heavy chair with cushions about him, and he, too, had grown thinner and rawer of joint.


    Charles Neville Buck

  • It was even colder than the night before, and the raw east wind was rawer, and with it all there was a drizzling rain.

  • No new settlement in the American West has a rawer or more recent appearance.

British Dictionary definitions for rawer



(of food) not cookedraw onion
(prenominal) in an unfinished, natural, or unrefined state; not treated by manufacturing or other processesraw materials for making steel; raw brick
(of an edge of material) unhemmed; liable to fray
(of the skin, a wound, etc) having the surface exposed or abraded, esp painfully
ignorant, inexperienced, or immaturea raw recruit
(prenominal) not selected or modifiedraw statistics
frank or realistica raw picture of the breakdown of a marriage
(of spirits) undiluted
mainly US coarse, vulgar, or obscene
mainly US recently done; freshraw paintwork
(of the weather) harshly cold and damp
informal unfair; unjust (esp in the phrase a raw deal)


the raw British informal a sensitive pointhis criticism touched me on the raw
in the raw
  1. informalwithout clothes; naked
  2. in a natural or unmodified statelife in the raw
Derived Formsrawish, adjectiverawly, adverbrawness, noun

Word Origin for raw

Old English hreaw; related to Old High German hrao, Old Norse hrār raw, Latin cruor thick blood, Greek kreas meat
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Word Origin and History for rawer



Old English hreaw "uncooked, raw," from Proto-Germanic *khrawaz (cf. Old Norse hrar, Danish raa, Old Saxon hra, Middle Dutch rau, Dutch rauw, Old High German hrawer, German roh), from PIE root *kreue- (1) "raw flesh" (cf. Sanskrit kravih "raw flesh," krura- "bloody, raw, hard;" Greek kreas "flesh;" Latin crudus "not cooked," cruor "thick blood;" Old Irish cru, Lithuanian kraujas, Old Church Slavonic kruvi "blood;" Old English hrot "thick fluid, serum").

Meaning "tender, sore" is from late 14c.; of persons, "inexperienced" from 1560s; of weather, "damp and chilly" first recorded 1540s. Related: Rawly; rawness. Raw material is from 1796, with sense of "in a rudimental condition, unfinished." Phrase in the raw "naked" (1921) is from the raw "exposed flesh," attested from 1823. Raw deal "harsh treatment" attested by 1893.

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rawer in Medicine




Having subcutaneous tissue exposed.
Inflamed; sore.
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Idioms and Phrases with rawer


In addition to the idiom beginning with raw

  • raw deal

also see:

  • in the altogether (raw)
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