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[paj-uh-ney-shuh n]
  1. Bibliography. the number of pages or leaves of a book, manuscript, etc., identified in bibliographical description or cataloging.
  2. the figures by which pages are marked to indicate their sequence.
  3. the act of paginating.
  4. Printing.
    1. Also called computer-assisted makeup.a method of computerized page makeup in which copy and graphic elements are manipulated with the aid of a video display terminal.
    2. composition(def 17).
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Origin of pagination

1835–45; < Latin pāgin(a) page1 + -ation
Related formsmis·pag·i·na·tion, nounre·pag·i·na·tion, noun
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Word Origin and History for repagination



"action of marking page numbers," 1841, probably from French pagination (1835), from Latin pagina (see page (n.1)).

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