[ ri-puhg-nuhnt ]
/ rɪˈpʌg nənt /


distasteful, objectionable, or offensive: a repugnant smell.
making opposition; averse.
opposed or contrary, as in nature or character.

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Origin of repugnant

1350–1400; Middle English repugnaunt < Middle French < Latin repugnant- (stem of repugnāns, present participle of repugnāre), equivalent to repugn(āre) to repugn + -ant- -ant

SYNONYMS FOR repugnant
Related formsre·pug·nant·ly, adverbun·re·pug·nant, adjectiveun·re·pug·nant·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for repugnantly

  • Tesla fastened a repugnantly appreciative eye upon her, as if he were becoming privy to an exclusive secret.

    Erik Dorn|Ben Hecht
  • Repugnantly he jerked a thumb in silent invitation toward a plate of sandwiches.

  • In the silence that followed, Trent drew away from her—slowly, repugnantly, as though from something monstrous and unclean.

    The Hermit of Far End|Margaret Pedler
  • Thus Manuel spoke, and steadily the fire upon the altar grew larger and brighter as he nourished it repugnantly.

    Figures of Earth|James Branch Cabell

British Dictionary definitions for repugnantly


/ (rɪˈpʌɡnənt) /


repellent to the senses; causing aversion
distasteful; offensive; disgusting
contradictory; inconsistent or incompatible
Derived Formsrepugnance or rare repugnancy, nounrepugnantly, adverb

Word Origin for repugnant

C14: from Latin repugnāns resisting; see repugn

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Word Origin and History for repugnantly



late 14c., "contrary, contradictory," from Old French repugnant "contradictory, opposing" or directly from Latin repugnantem (nominative repugnans), present participle of repugnare "to resist, fight back, oppose; disagree, be incompatible," from re- "back" (see re-) + pugnare "to fight" (see pugnacious). Meaning "distasteful, objectionable" is from 1777.

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