[ seg-ri-gey-shuhn ]
/ ˌsɛg rɪˈgeɪ ʃən /
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the act or practice of segregating; a setting apart or separation of people or things from others or from the main body or group: gender segregation in some fundamentalist religions.
the institutional separation of an ethnic, racial, religious, or other minority group from the dominant majority.
the state or condition of being segregated, set apart, separated, or restricted to one group: Segregation on buses meant that the seats at the front were reserved for white passengers.the segregation of private clubs.
something segregated, or set apart.
Genetics. the separation of allelic genes into different gametes during meiosis.Compare law of segregation.
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Origin of segregation

1545–55; <Late Latin sēgregātiōn- (stem of sēgregātiō), equivalent to sēgregāt(us) (see segregate) + -iōn--ion

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How to use segregation in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for segregation

/ (ˌsɛɡrɪˈɡeɪʃən) /

the act of segregating or state of being segregated
sociol the practice or policy of creating separate facilities within the same society for the use of a minority group
genetics the separation at meiosis of the two members of any pair of alleles into separate gametesSee also Mendel's laws
metallurgy the process in which a component of an alloy or solid solution separates in small regions within the solid or on the solid's surface

Derived forms of segregation

segregational, adjective
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Cultural definitions for segregation


The policy and practice of imposing the separation of races. In the United States, the policy of segregation denied African-Americans their civil rights and provided inferior facilities and services for them, most noticeably in public schools (see Brown versus Board of Education), housing, and industry. (See integration, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and separate but equal.)

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