[ rong-kuh s ]
/ ˈrɒŋ kəs /

noun, plural rhon·chi [rong-kahy] /ˈrɒŋ kaɪ/.

a wheezing or snoring sound heard upon auscultation of the chest, caused by an accumulation of mucus or other material.

Origin of rhonchus

1820–30; < Latin: a snoring, croaking < Late Greek rhónchos, variant of Greek rhénchos


rhon·chi·al [rong-kee-uh l] /ˈrɒŋ ki əl/, rhon·chal [rong-kuh l] /ˈrɒŋ kəl/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for rhonchi

/ (ˈrɒŋkəs) /

noun plural -chi (-kaɪ)

a rattling or whistling respiratory sound resembling snoring, caused by secretions in the trachea or bronchi

Derived forms of rhonchus

rhonchal or rhonchial, adjective

Word Origin for rhonchus

C19: from Latin, from Greek rhenkhos snoring
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Medical definitions for rhonchi

[ rŏngkəs ]

n. pl. rhon•chi (-kī)

A coarse rattling sound somewhat like snoring, usually caused by secretion in a bronchial tube.

Other words from rhonchus

rhonchal (-kəl) adj.
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