[ rif-raf ]
/ ˈrɪfˌræf /


people, or a group of people, regarded as disreputable or worthless: a pack of riffraff.
the lowest classes; rabble: the riffraff of the city.
trash; rubbish.


worthless, disreputable, or trashy.

Origin of riffraff

1425–75; late Middle English rif and raf every particle, things of small value < Old French rif et raf, formed on rifler to spoil (see rifle2), raffler to ravage, snatch away
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British Dictionary definitions for riffraff

/ (ˈrɪfˌræf) /

noun (sometimes functioning as plural)

worthless people, esp collectively; rabble
dialect worthless rubbish

Word Origin for riffraff

C15 rif and raf, from Old French rif et raf; related to rifler to plunder, and rafle a sweeping up; see rifle ², raffle
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