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Real Estate.
  1. septic tank.

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  1. variant of -est1: first; least.

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  1. variant of -est2: hadst; wouldst; dost.

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  1. stanza.

  2. state.

  1. statute; statutes.

  2. stet.

  3. stitch.

  4. stone (weight).

  5. strait.

  6. street.

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  1. short ton.

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  1. Saint.

  2. statute; statutes.

  1. Strait.

  2. Street.

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How to use st in a sentence

  • It was formerly spelled s-v-a-s-t-i-c-a and s-u-a-s-t-i-k-a, but the later spelling, both English and French, is s-w-a-s-t-i-k-a.

    The Swastika | Thomas Wilson
  • B r k b r k b r k  n t h y c l d g r y s t n s s, n d w l d t h t m y t n g c l d t t r T h t h g h t s t h t r s n m.

  • And then from above him, upon the opposite side of the alley, came a low: "S-s-t!"

    The Mad King | Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • I have no doubt, if a fire were to break out at the next door, a Cuban would call "P—s—t!"

    To Cuba and Back | Richard Henry Dana
  • The people of Cuba have a mode of calling attention by a sound of the tongue and lips, a sort of "P—s—t!"

    To Cuba and Back | Richard Henry Dana

British Dictionary definitions for st (1 of 5)


abbreviation for
  1. short ton

British Dictionary definitions for st (2 of 5)


the internet domain name for
  1. São Tomé and Principe

British Dictionary definitions for St (3 of 5)


abbreviation for
  1. Saint (all entries that are usually preceded by St are in this dictionary listed alphabetically under Saint)

  2. statute

  1. strait

  2. street

British Dictionary definitions for -st (4 of 5)


  1. a variant of -est 2

British Dictionary definitions for st. (5 of 5)


abbreviation for
  1. stanza

  2. statute

  1. cricket stumped by

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