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[suh-bel-ee-uh n]
  1. a member of a group of early Italian peoples including the Samnites and Sabines.
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Origin of Sabellian

1595–1605; < Latin Sabell(us) a member of any of the Oscan-speaking Italic ethnic groups + -ian
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Historical Examples of sabellian

  • Indeed, we are not really sure the researches were Sabellian.

    Somehow Good

    William de Morgan

  • For this opinion the two popes are angrily dealt with by our author, and charged with being half Sabellian, half humanitarian.

  • These carry for war javelins and grim stabbing weapons, and fight with the round shaft and sharp point of the Sabellian pike.

  • I would urge it on my son, did not the mixture of blood by his Sabellian mother make this half his native land.

  • But the Sabellian theory, which the Unitarians inherited, was in no respect justified, save as a tradition.

    Recollections and Impressions

    Octavius Brooks Frothingham

British Dictionary definitions for sabellian


  1. an extinct language or group of languages of ancient Italy, surviving only in a few inscriptions belonging to the Osco-Umbrian group
  2. a member of any of the ancient peoples speaking this language, including the Sabines
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  1. of or relating to this language or its speakers
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Word Origin for Sabellian

C17: from Latin Sabellī group of Italian tribes
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