or Sa·lo·mé

[ suh-loh-mee, sal-uh-mey ]

  1. the daughter of Herodias, who is said to have danced for Herod Antipas and so pleased him that he granted her mother's request for the head of John the Baptist. Matthew 14:6–11 (not mentioned by name here).

  2. (italics) a one-act opera (1905) by Richard Strauss based on a drama by Oscar Wilde.

  1. a female given name.

Origin of Salome

From Greek Salṓmē, from Hebrew Shălōmīth, related to shālōm “peace”

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How to use Salome in a sentence

  • Then in 2006, she was handpicked by Al Pacino to star opposite him in Salome.

    The Next Meryl Streep | Marlow Stern | August 10, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Mr. Salome said ‘very good’ to her this morning; she must be proof against adversity.

    A Bookful of Girls | Anna Fuller
  • Salome wound on in summary rejection of theogonies, theodicies, comparative wisdoms of nations (short shift, tone of recitative).

    Instigations | Ezra Pound
  • With her elbows on the observatory railing, Salome, disliking popular ftes, listened to her familiar poluphloisbious ocean.

    Instigations | Ezra Pound
  • It was wonderful hair, people said; and that was, perhaps, all that any one ever did see at all out of the common in Salome.

    Salome | Emma Marshall
  • Salome roused herself at last, picked up her hat and book, and uncurling herself from her position, stood up and listened.

    Salome | Emma Marshall

British Dictionary definitions for Salome


/ (səˈləʊmɪ) /

  1. New Testament the daughter of Herodias, at whose instigation she beguiled Herod by her seductive dancing into giving her the head of John the Baptist

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Cultural definitions for Salome


[ (suh-loh-mee, sal-uh-may) ]

According to nonbiblical historians, the stepdaughter of Herod Antipas, the ruler of Galilee, who arranged for the beheading of John the Baptist. Her name is not given in the Gospels.

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