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scatter diagram

noun Statistics.
  1. a graphic representation of bivariate data as a set of points in the plane that have Cartesian coordinates equal to corresponding values of the two variates.
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Origin of scatter diagram

First recorded in 1920–25
Also called scat·ter·gram [skat-er-gram] /ˈskæt ərˌgræm/, scat·ter·graph [skat-er-graf, -grahf] /ˈskæt ərˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf/, scat·ter·plot [skat-er-plot] /ˈskæt ərˌplɒt/.
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British Dictionary definitions for scattergram

scatter diagram

  1. statistics a graph that plots along two axes at right angles to each other the relationship between two variable quantities, such as height and weight
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