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[ sahy-kot-ik ]


  1. Psychiatry. relating to, characterized by, or exhibiting psychosis: psychotic symptoms;

    a psychotic patient;

    psychotic symptoms;

    psychotic delusion.

    Synonyms: non compos mentis, demented, deranged, disturbed, mad, mentally ill, psychopathic, insane

    Antonyms: lucid, rational, compos mentis, sane

  2. (loosely) mentally unstable:

    The man who threw a stone through the convenience store window must be psychotic.

    Synonyms: potty, screwy, batty, daft, cuckoo, kooky, bonkers, nuts, crazy, loony, nutty

  3. intensely upset, anxious, or angry; crazy:

    My dad gets so psychotic when I come home even a little bit late.

    Synonyms: pissed off, livid, incensed, irate, wrathful, furious, crazed

    Antonyms: self-possessed, calm


  1. Psychiatry. a person afflicted with psychosis.

    Synonyms: maniac, madman, psychopath

  2. (loosely) someone who is mentally unstable:

    Her partner is a psychotic who often uses abusive language.

    Synonyms: kook, nutjob, loon, loony, nut

  1. someone who exhibits extreme emotion or behavior:

    My brother turns into a complete psychotic whenever his team loses.

    Synonyms: psycho, maniac


/ saɪˈkɒtɪk /


  1. of, relating to, or characterized by psychosis
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  1. a person experiencing psychosis
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It is preferable to talk about a person experiencing psychosis rather than a psychotic , which reduces a person's individuality
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Derived Forms

  • psyˈchotically, adverb
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Other Words From

  • psy·chot·i·cal·ly adverb
  • non·psy·chot·ic adjective
  • sem·i·psy·chot·ic adjective
  • un·psy·chot·ic adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of psychotic1

First recorded in 1885–85; psych(osis) + -otic
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Example Sentences

Whether it is political, whether it is self‐serving … I can’t help but think it’s psychotic.

From Vox

The teams would respond to “Marcus” alerts, named for a Richmond man who was fatally shot by police during a psychotic episode in 2018.

Daniel Prude was having a psychotic episode on a Rochester street last year when family members called police for help.

Richard Widmark’s psychotic Tommy Udo tops himself in every scene for several oh-no-he-didn’t moments.

From Ozy

Near the end of May, Moriarty experienced another psychotic episode.

Monis seems to have been both and dedicated to his psychotic beliefs.

Du Pont, 57, was initially declared “actively psychotic” and unfit for trial by a judge, and ordered to a psychiatric hospital.

Abilify is actually a powerful anti-psychotic given to people with severe mental illness.

How can we taxonomize their experience, and differentiate it from hallucination, or psychotic break?

I had a friend sending me weird emails about conspiracies he saw all around him, but he too had stayed shy of a psychotic break.

Of course, being a senile psychotic, he could have considered himself broke even with that amount of money.

It was obvious that Pepe was a monomaniac, an egomaniac, and as psychotic as a shorted computer.

This was immediately followed by a marked exacerbation of his psychotic manifestations.

The distinguishing feature of their psychotic manifestations is that they are provoked essentially by definite situations.

The prognosis of the acute prison psychotic complex is good in the majority of instances.


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