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  1. (Lud·wig) Phi·lipp [loot-vikh fee-lip] /ˈlut vɪx ˈfi lɪp/, 1847–1917, German composer.
  2. his brother(Franz) Xa·ver [frahnts ksah-vuhr, ksah-veyr] /frɑnts ˈksɑ vər, ksɑˈveɪr/, 1850–1924, German pianist and composer.
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Historical Examples of scharwenka

  • In 1891 Scharwenka came to New York to establish a conservatory there.

    Great Pianists on Piano Playing

    James Francis Cooke

  • I have made acquaintance with Scharwenka and a number of other people.

  • Scharwenka's "Polish Dance," with a swing and a fire beyond anything she had ever heard before.

    The Drums Of Jeopardy

    Harold MacGrath

  • Scharwenka certainly sustains the traditions of his race as far as the latter qualification is concerned.

  • Scharwenka and Moszkowski are both finished artists and exquisite composers, and play a great deal in concerts this winter.