[ si-kwey-shuh s ]
/ sɪˈkweɪ ʃəs /


following with smooth or logical regularity.
Archaic. following, imitating, or serving another person, especially unreasoningly.

Origin of sequacious

1630–40; < Latin sequāci- (stem of sequāx) following (akin to sequī to follow) + -ous

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Examples from the Web for sequacity

  • What I mean is docility, ductility, sequacity—if there is any such word.

    Perlycross|R. D. Blackmore

British Dictionary definitions for sequacity

/ (sɪˈkweɪʃəs) /


logically following in regular sequence
ready to follow any leader; pliant

Derived forms of sequacious

sequaciously, adverbsequacity (sɪˈkwæsɪtɪ), noun

Word Origin for sequacious

C17: from Latin sequāx pursuing, from sequī to follow
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