/ (Italian ˈserʎo) /

  1. Sebastiano 1475–1554, Italian architect and painter, best known for his treatise Complete Works on Architecture and Perspective (1537–75), the first to set out the principles of classical architecture and to give rules for their application

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How to use Serlio in a sentence

  • Many mazes at that time were planned by the Italian architect Serlio, one of whose designs is shown in Fig. 81.

    Mazes and Labyrinths | W. H. Matthews
  • He belonged to the Alessi family; and Serlio was so pleased with his designs that he at once pressed the king to accept them.

    Old and New Paris, v. 1 | Henry Sutherland Edwards
  • This example is from Serlio's Architecture , showing what excellent proportion can be obtained by the square and diagonals.

  • In 1563 a book was printed after his death of a translation he made of the work on architecture by Sebastian Serlio.

  • Thode confirms this opinion, which was also held by Serlio in the sixteenth century, in regard to the construction of St. Peter's.

    Michelangelo | Romain Rolland