[ adjective ser-eyt, -it; verb ser-eyt, suh-reyt ]
/ adjective ˈsɛr eɪt, -ɪt; verb ˈsɛr eɪt, səˈreɪt /


Chiefly Biology. notched on the edge like a saw: a serrate leaf.
Numismatics. (of a coin) having a grooved edge.

verb (used with object), ser·rat·ed, ser·rat·ing.

to make serrate or serrated: He serrated the knives so they would cut meat easily.

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Origin of serrate

1590–1600; < Latin serrātus, equivalent to serr(a) saw + -ātus -ate1

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British Dictionary definitions for serrating


adjective (ˈsɛrɪt, -eɪt)

(of leaves) having a margin of forward pointing teeth
having a notched or sawlike edge

verb (səˈreɪt)

(tr) to make serrate

Word Origin for serrate

C17: from Latin serrātus saw-shaped, from serra a saw

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Word Origin and History for serrating



"notched," 1660s, from Latin serratus "sawlike, notched like a saw," from serra "a saw," of unknown origin. Related: Serrated; serrating.

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Medicine definitions for serrating


[ sĕrāt′ ]


Having or forming a row of small, sharp, projections resembling the teeth of a saw.
Having a saw-toothed edge or margin notched with toothlike projections.

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