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[ kon-dem-ney-shuhn, -duhm- ]


  1. the act of condemning.
  2. the state of being condemned.
  3. strong censure; disapprobation; reproof.
  4. a cause or reason for condemning.
  5. U.S. Law. the seizure, as of property, for public use.

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Other Words From

  • noncon·dem·nation noun
  • recon·dem·nation noun
  • self-condem·nation noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of condemnation1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English condempnacioun, from Middle French, from Late Latin condemnātiōn-, stem of condemnātiō; equivalent to condemn + -ation
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Example Sentences

The move, which shifts the burden of payment to the end user, in the event of default by the importer, has attracted widespread condemnation—both online and offline.

From Quartz

I think it’s particularly powerful coming in the wake of the congressional condemnation.

From Vox

The condemnation on Capitol Hill was seemingly bolstered when Facebook announced that it would amp up its efforts to fight the conspiracy theory, and delete all Groups and Pages associated with it.

From Vox

I thought, among other things that we need to be doing, that it would be helpful to demonstrate overwhelming bipartisan condemnation.

From Vox

What has driven the widespread demoralization among officers, the officers said, was not the public condemnation of Chauvin, but the protests’ focus on police in general as the overwhelming target of their ire.

As the evening wore on, condemnation continued to pour in from around the world.

Instead, she advocates for a major shift away from a morally-driven condemnation of affairs.

The execution of Reyhanneh Jabbari has brought worldwide condemnation of the Tehran regime.

Indeed, public condemnation and overreaction by state authorities may serve only to make the Ebola outbreak worse.

“Words of condemnation and marginalization were avoided,” he says.

And now, almost without knowing it, he spoke sternly, and his dark face was full of condemnation.

They were taken to the quarters of the general-in-chief in command, and it was he himself who signed their condemnation.

The testimony of literature throughout the ages was almost unanimous in its condemnation of giants.

It is answered, God did not create men in a state of condemnation, but sin invaded them, and in one all fell.

This is the broadest street in London and was opened by wholesale condemnation of private property.