[ noun, adjective seks-too-pli-kit, -tyoo-, -tuhp-li-; verb seks-too-pli-keyt, -tyoo-, -tuhp-li- ]
/ noun, adjective sɛksˈtu plɪ kɪt, -ˈtyu-, -ˈtʌp lɪ-; verb sɛksˈtu plɪˌkeɪt, -ˈtyu-, -ˈtʌp lɪ- /


a group, series, or set of six identical copies: The application is to be submitted in sextuplicate.


having or consisting of six identical parts; sixfold.

verb (used with object), sex·tu·pli·cat·ed, sex·tu·pli·cat·ing.

to make six copies of.
to make six times as great.

Origin of sextuplicate

1650–60; sextu(ple) + -plicate, as in duplicate Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for sextuplicate


noun (sɛksˈtuːpləkɪt, -ˌkeɪt, -ˈtjuː-, -ˈtʌp-)

a group or set of six things, esp identical copies

adjective (sɛksˈtuːpləkɪt, -ˌkeɪt, -ˈtjuː-, -ˈtʌp-)

six times as many, much, or often
maths raised to the sixth power

verb (sɛksˈtuːpləˌkeɪt, -ˈtjuː-, -ˈtʌp-)

to multiply or become multiplied by six

Word Origin for sextuplicate

C20: from sextu (ple + du) plicate
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