/ (ʃeɪk) /

noun(in Muslim countries)
    • the head of an Arab tribe, village, etc

    • a venerable old man

    • a high priest or religious leader, esp a Sufi master

Origin of sheikh

C16: from Arabic shaykh old man

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How to use sheikh in a sentence

  • It is made famous through its connection with an act of cruelty on the part of sheikh Nadir.

  • Pilgrimage to sheikh Adi is incumbent on every Yezidi; but he is not commanded to pray; and he leaves that duty to his priests.

    The Cradle of Mankind | W.A. Wigram
  • Upon another occasion, when the sheikh came to call upon us, his four attendants were credited with having consumed a whole sheep!

    The Cradle of Mankind | W.A. Wigram
  • Of late years, a family quarrel has rather diminished the power of sheikh Taha.

    The Cradle of Mankind | W.A. Wigram
  • Of a surety it is smuggled tobacco from the warehouse of the sheikh; or maybe hashish, and worth much gold.

    The Cradle of Mankind | W.A. Wigram