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Origin of ship

before 900; (noun) Middle English; Old English scip; cognate with Dutch schip, German Schiff, Old Norse, Gothic skip; (v.) Middle English s(c)hip(p)en, derivative of the noun

Related formsship·less, adjectiveship·less·ly, adverbmis·ship, verb, mis·shipped, mis·ship·ping.pre·ship, verb (used with object), pre·shipped, pre·ship·ping.

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British Dictionary definitions for ship out

ship out


(adverb) to depart or cause to depart by shipwe shipped out at dawn; they shipped out the new recruits



a vessel propelled by engines or sails for navigating on the water, esp a large vessel that cannot be carried aboard another, as distinguished from a boat
nautical a large sailing vessel with three or more square-rigged masts
the crew of a ship
short for airship, spaceship
informal any vehicle or conveyance
when one's ship comes in when one has become successful or wealthy

verb ships, shipping or shipped

to place, transport, or travel on any conveyance, esp aboard a shipship the microscopes by aeroplane; can we ship tomorrow?
(tr) nautical to take (water) over the side
to bring or go aboard a vesselto ship oars
(tr often foll by off) informal to send away, often in order to be rid ofthey shipped the children off to boarding school
(intr) to engage to serve aboard a shipI shipped aboard a Liverpool liner
informal (tr) to concede (a goal)Celtic have shipped eight goals in three away matches
See also ship out

Derived Formsshippable, adjective

Word Origin for ship

Old English scip; related to Old Norse skip, Old High German skif ship, scipfī cup

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Word Origin and History for ship out
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Idioms and Phrases with ship out

ship out


Leave, especially for a distant place, as in The transport planes carried troops shipping out to the Mediterranean. Although this usage originally meant “depart by ship,” the expression is no longer limited to that mode of travel. [c. 1900]


Send, export, especially to a distant place, as in The factory shipped out many more orders last month. [Mid-1600s]


Quit a job or be fired; see shape up, def. 3.


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