/ (ˈʃʊərə) /

  1. a consultative council or assembly

  2. the process of decision-making by consultation and deliberation

Origin of shura

from Arabic shūrā, literally: consultation

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How to use shura in a sentence

  • The first thing of which shura was conscious when he awoke one morning was that something was tearing on his person.

  • "Before prayer, Sergey Ivanovich," whimpered shura in a voice squeaky from fright.

  • Dutikov reported that he had seen shura Dolinin going through the pockets of some one's overcoat.

  • shura quickly drew from his pockets all the absurd trifles usually found on boys, and then turned both his pockets inside out.

  • shura began to cry, and said through his tears: "I haven't stolen anything."