[ smooch ]
/ smutʃ /

verb (used without object)

to kiss.
to pet.


a kiss; smack.

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Origin of smooch

1580–90; variant of obsolete smouch to kiss < ?; compare dialectal German schmutzen to kiss, smile

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British Dictionary definitions for smoocher


/ (smuːtʃ) informal /

verb (intr)

(of two people) to kiss and cuddleAlso (Austral and NZ): smoodge, smooge
British to dance very slowly and amorously with one's arms around another person, or (of two people) to dance together in such a way


the act of smooching
British a piece of music played for dancing to slowly and amorously

Word Origin for smooch

C20: variant of dialect smouch, of imitative origin

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Word Origin and History for smoocher



1932, alteration of dialectal verb smouch "to kiss" (1570s), possibly imitative of the sound of kissing (cf. German dialectal schmutzen "to kiss"). An earlier alteration produced smudge (v.) "to kiss, caress" (1844). Related: Smooched; smooching. As a noun by 1942.

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