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Origin of snow

before 900; (noun) Middle English; Old English snāw; cognate with Dutch sneeuw, German Schnee, Old Norse snǣr, Gothic snaiws, Latin nix (genitive nivis), Greek níps (accusative nípha), OCS sněgŭ; (v.) Middle English snowen, derivative of the noun; replacing Middle English snewen, Old English snīwan; cognate with Old High German snīwan (German schneien), Middle Low German, Middle Dutch snīen

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precipitation from clouds in the form of flakes of ice crystals formed in the upper atmosphereRelated adjective: niveous
a layer of snowflakes on the ground
a fall of such precipitation
anything resembling snow in whiteness, softness, etc
the random pattern of white spots on a television or radar screen, produced by noise in the receiver and occurring when the signal is weak or absent
slang cocaine


(intr; with it as subject) to be the case that snow is falling
(tr; usually passive, foll by over, under, in, or up) to cover or confine with a heavy fall of snow
(often with it as subject) to fall or cause to fall as or like snow
(tr) US and Canadian slang to deceive or overwhelm with elaborate often insincere talkSee snow job
be snowed under to be overwhelmed, esp with paperwork
Derived Formssnowless, adjectivesnowlike, adjective

Word Origin for snow

Old English snāw; related to Old Norse snjōr, Gothic snaiws, Old High German snēo, Greek nipha



C (harles) P (ercy), Baron. 1905–80, British novelist and physicist. His novels include the series Strangers and Brothers (1949–70)
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Precipitation that falls to earth in the form of ice crystals that have complex branched hexagonal patterns. Snow usually falls from stratus and stratocumulus clouds, but it can also fall from cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds.
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  • snow job
  • snow under

also see:

  • pure as the driven snow
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