[ snuhb ]
/ snʌb /
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verb (used with object), snubbed, snub·bing.



(of the nose) short and turned up at the tip.



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Origin of snub

1300–50; Middle English snubben<Old Norse snubba to scold, reprimand; cognate with Middle Low German snūben
snubber, nounsnub·bing·ly, adverbun·snubbed, adjective
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  • By the use of the incline with the donkey engine snubber, very heavy grades can be taken.

    Motor Truck Logging Methods|Frederick Malcolm Knapp
  • Cadwallader Hunter could swallow a snub with a smile, but never would he forgive the snubber.

  • The engine stopped, then reversed, and the yacht drifted gently until it contacted the wharfs snubber-pilings.

    Creatures of the Abyss|Murray Leinster

British Dictionary definitions for snub

/ (snʌb) /

verb snubs, snubbing or snubbed (tr)

to insult (someone) deliberately
to stop or check the motion of (a boat, horse, etc) by taking turns of a rope or cable around a post or other fixed object


a deliberately insulting act or remark
  1. an elastic shock absorber attached to a mooring line
  2. (as modifier)a snub rope


short and bluntSee also snub-nosed
snubber, nounsnubby, adjective
C14: from Old Norse snubba to scold; related to Norwegian, Swedish dialect snubba to cut short, Danish snubbe
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