[suhm-hwairz, -wairz]

adverb Nonstandard.

Origin of somewheres

1805–15; somewhere + -s1


[suhm-hwair, -wair]


in or at some place not specified, determined, or known: They live somewhere in Michigan.
to some place not specified or known: They went out somewhere.
at or to some point in amount, degree, etc. (usually followed by about, near, etc.): He is somewhere about 60 years old.
at some point of time (usually followed by about, between, in, etc.): somewhere about 1930; somewhere between 1930 and 1940; somewhere in the 1930s.


an unspecified or uncertain place.

Origin of somewhere

Middle English word dating back to 1150–1200; see origin at some, where

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Examples from the Web for somewheres

Historical Examples of somewheres

  • I thought sure Kenelm would, but he's gone on a cruise of his own somewheres.

    Thankful's Inheritance

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • You said he'd run off to go gold-diggin' in the Klondike or somewheres.

    Thankful's Inheritance

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Now out West—in Omaha or somewheres—she's got a cousin who owed her dad money.

    The Depot Master

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Now, she used to have and I believe she's lost some of it somewheres.

    Galusha the Magnificent

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • The money hasn't been stolen; I lost it somewheres—but where?


    Joseph C. Lincoln

British Dictionary definitions for somewheres



in, to, or at some unknown or unspecified place or pointsomewhere in England; somewhere between 3 and 4 o'clock
get somewhere informal to make progress
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Word Origin and History for somewheres



c.1200, from some + where.

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Idioms and Phrases with somewheres


In addition to the idiom beginning with somewhere

  • somewhere along the line

also see:

  • get somewhere
  • (somewhere) or other
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