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[soh-fer; Sephardic Hebrew saw-fer; Ashkenazic Hebrew soh-fer]
noun, plural so·pher·im [soh-fer-im; Sephardic Hebrew saw-fe-reem; Ashkenazic Hebrew soh-fe-rim] /ˈsoʊ fər ɪm; Sephardic Hebrew sɔ fɛˈrim; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈsoʊ fɛ rɪm/, (often initial capital letter) Judaism.
  1. scribe1(def 3).
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Origin of sopher

From the Hebrew word sōphēr
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Historical Examples of sopherim

  • The two chief secretaries (Sopherim) were Elihoreph and Ahiah.

    The Expositor's Bible: The First Book of Kings

    F. W. Farrar

  • But it would be a council of Sopherim, not of all the leading men of the nation.

  • This is what the early Sopherim did, and probably Ezra himself.

  • What was done by the Sopherim, and those with and for whom they worked, was done privately and without official sanction.

  • They were the lines which the Sopherim collectively agreed upon, for their own practice as interpreters and judges.