sound system

  1. any system of sounds, as in the speech of a language

  2. integrated equipment for producing amplified sound, as in a hi-fi or a mobile disco, or as a public-address system on stage

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How to use sound system in a sentence

  • It showed how well the line must have been handed over by the outgoing battalion, and what a sound system of defence existed.

  • It was decorously ordered on a sound system, with an appeal in everything to the honour and good faith of the boys.

    Ten Boys from Dickens | Kate Dickinson Sweetser
  • Furthermore, our alphabet has not only not increased in proportion to our sound-system, but it has decreased.

    A Handbook of the English Language | Robert Gordon Latham
  • No really sound system of action is in more need of artificial support than is any sound system of thought.

    Garden Cities of To-Morrow | Ebenezer Howard
  • A very desirable accompaniment to any system of dealing with criminals is a sound system for their registration and recognition.

    The Criminal | Havelock Ellis