Origin of radio

1910–15; shortening of radiotelegraph or radiotelegraphy

Related forms

pre·ra·di·o, adjective

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a combining form with the meanings “dealing with radiant energy” (radiometer), “employing or dealing with radio waves” (radioacoustics; radiolocation; radiotelephone), “emitting rays as a result of the breakup of atomic nuclei” (radioactive; radiocarbon), “characterized by, employing or dealing with such rays” (radiography; radiopaque; radiotherapy).

Origin of radio-

< French, combining form representing Latin radius beam, ray, radius
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/ (ˈreɪdɪəʊ) /

noun plural -os

verb -os, -oing or -oed

to transmit (a message) to (a person, radio station, etc) by means of radio waves

Word Origin for radio

C20: short for radiotelegraphy

British Dictionary definitions for radio (2 of 2)


combining form

denoting radio, broadcasting, or radio frequencyradiogram
indicating radioactivity or radiationradiochemistry; radiolucent
indicating a radioactive isotope or substanceradioactinium; radiothorium; radioelement

Word Origin for radio-

from French, from Latin radius ray; see radius
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Medicine definitions for radio



Radiation; radiant energy:radiometer.

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Science definitions for radio


[ rādē-ō ]


The equipment used to generate, alter, transmit, and receive radio waves so that they carry information.


Relating to or involving the emission of radio waves.
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