/ (spæd) /

n acronym for
  1. signal passed at danger: an incident in which a train goes through a red light

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How to use SPAD in a sentence

  • Swift flying and a rapid climber, it has won for itself the title of The German SPAD.

    The Romance of Aircraft | Lawrence Yard Smith
  • Guynemer and the other two were coming nearer, when the SPAD dropped beneath its adversary and fired upwards.

    Georges Guynemer | Henry Bordeaux
  • But the SPAD partly caught up with him and the aërial circling began anew, while two other Spads appeared—a pack after a deer.

    Georges Guynemer | Henry Bordeaux
  • For this reason we selected this plant to duplicate the French SPAD plane, the story of which undertaking will be told further on.

  • On September 12, 1917, we received from the aviation experts abroad a sample of the French SPAD.