speaking trumpet


a trumpet-shaped instrument used to carry the voice a great distance or held to the ear by a deaf person to aid his hearing

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Examples from the Web for speaking trumpet

Historical Examples of speaking trumpet

  • In the midst of the confusion a voice hailed them through a speaking-trumpet.

    The Three Midshipmen

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • Captain Walker came to the rail with the speaking-trumpet in his hand.

  • “Let no man quit the ship,” shouted the captain through his speaking-trumpet.

    Peter the Whaler

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • Fairburn seized his speaking-trumpet, and shouted forth his orders to the crew.

    Mark Seaworth

    William H.G. Kingston

  • Lieutenant Dumaresq stood with speaking-trumpet in hand, and hailed the Lark.

    Our Sailors

    W.H.G. Kingston