[ spahy-kuh ]
/ ˈspaɪ kə /

noun, plural spi·cae [spahy-see] /ˈspaɪ si/, spi·cas for 1, 2.

a type of bandage in the shape of a figure eight, extending from an extremity to the trunk.
(initial capital letter) Astronomy. a first-magnitude star in the constellation Virgo.

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Origin of spica

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin spīca literally, ear of grain; cf. spike2

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/ (ˈspaɪkə) /

noun plural -cae (-siː) or -cas

med a spiral bandage formed by a series of overlapping figure-of-eight turns
botany another word for spike 2 (def. 1)

Word Origin for spica

C15: from Latin: ear of corn


/ (ˈspiːkə) /


the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. Distance: 260 light years
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Word Origin and History for spica



1728, bright star in constellation Virgo, from Latin, literally "ear of grain," corresponding to Greek stakhys (see spike (n.1)).

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[ spīkə ]

A bright bluish-white binary star in the constellation Virgo, with an apparent magnitude of 0.96. Scientific name: Alpha Virginis.
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