[speel, shpeel]Informal.


a usually high-flown talk or speech, especially for the purpose of luring people to a movie, a sale, etc.; pitch.

verb (used without object)

to speak extravagantly.


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Origin of spiel

1890–95; (noun) < German Spiel or Yiddish shpil play, game; (v.) < German spielen or Yiddish shpiln to play, gamble

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a glib plausible style of talk, associated esp with salesmen


(intr) to deliver a prepared spiel
(tr usually foll by off) to recite (a prepared oration)
Derived Formsspieler, noun

Word Origin for spiel

C19: from German Spiel play

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Word Origin and History for spiel



"glib speech, pitch," 1896, probably from verb (1894) meaning "to speak in a glib manner," earlier "to play circus music" (1870), from German spielen "to play," from Old High German spilon (cognate with Old English spilian "to play"). The noun also perhaps from German Spiel "play, game."

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