1. a malicious, usually petty, desire to harm, annoy, frustrate, or humiliate another person; bitter ill will; malice.
  2. a particular instance of such an attitude or action; grudge.
  3. Obsolete. something that causes vexation; annoyance.
verb (used with object), spit·ed, spit·ing.
  1. to treat with spite or malice.
  2. to annoy or thwart, out of spite.
  3. to fill with spite; vex; offend.
  1. cut off one's nose to spite one's face. nose(def 23).
  2. in spite of, in disregard or defiance of; notwithstanding; despite: She arrived at school on time in spite of the snowstorm.

Origin of spite

1250–1300; Middle English; aphetic variant of despite
Related formsspite·less, adjectiveun·spit·ed, adjective

Synonyms for spite

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Examples from the Web for spited

Historical Examples of spited

  • Of course he did it to spite Daffydowndilly, but I'm not a bit 'spited.'

    Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer

    Jessie Graham Flower

  • And it is here as in the court, where the nearest are most spited, and all blows aimed at the toucher.

  • The lawyer is the only man he hinders, by whom he is spited for taking up quarrels.

  • He would have given half his lands to have spited Guy Darrell.

  • She was spited with it, as so many others are, because it won't do for us what we must do for ourselves.

    Guy Deverell, v. 2 of 2

    Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

British Dictionary definitions for spited


  1. maliciousness involving the desire to harm another; venomous ill will
  2. an instance of such malice; grudge
  3. archaic something that induces vexation
  4. in spite of (preposition) in defiance of; regardless of; notwithstanding
verb (tr)
  1. to annoy in order to vent spite
  2. archaic to offend

Word Origin for spite

C13: variant of despite
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Word Origin and History for spited



c.1300, shortened form of despit "malice" (see despite). Corresponding to Middle Dutch spijt, Middle Low German spyt, Middle Swedish spit. Commonly spelled spight c.1575-1700. The verb is attested from c.1400. Phrase in spite of is recorded from c.1400.

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Idioms and Phrases with spited


see in spite of.

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