verb (used without object), sprad·dled, sprad·dling.
  1. to sprawl.

Origin of spraddle

1625–35; origin uncertain; compare Norwegian dialect spradla squirm, flail
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Examples from the Web for spraddle

Historical Examples of spraddle

  • And all the good hard dollars just waiting for someone to spraddle them around!

    The Woman in Black

    Edmund Clerihew Bentley

  • But Pokopokowo was soon to be paid for his cruelty, and by poor Spraddle himself.

    Ted Strong's Motor Car

    Edward C. Taylor

  • Sometime later, he overtook the proud child on his way to Spraddle Creek, and brought him back under protest.

    Mothering on Perilous

    Lucy S. Furman

  • Dick buckled on his belt and holster, and, mounting his pony Spraddle, set out for a long ride across the prairie.

    Ted Strong's Motor Car

    Edward C. Taylor

  • Spraddle went down, almost turning a somersault, as his tired feet struck a larger bowlder than he had encountered before.

    Ted Strong's Motor Car

    Edward C. Taylor