[ sprag ]
/ spræg /


a pole or bar hinged to the rear axle of a cart or the like in such a way that it can brace the vehicle against a road to prevent it from rolling downhill.
Mining. a short timber for propping up loose walls or spacing two sets.

verb (used with object), spragged, sprag·ging.

to prop, support, or immobilize (a vehicle) by means of a sprag.

verb (used without object), spragged, sprag·ging.

to slow a vehicle by means of a sprag or, sometimes, by bracing the feet against the ground.

Origin of sprag

1835–45; special use of dial. sprag twig (Old English spræcg shoot, slip); akin to sprig
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British Dictionary definitions for spragging

/ (spræɡ) /


a chock or steel bar used to prevent a vehicle from running backwards on an incline
a support or post used in mining
NZ mining a steel bar inserted into the wheels of a box to act as a brake

Word Origin for sprag

C19: of uncertain origin
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